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    Training, Explaining & Maintaining
    Why Canine United?
    Why Canine United? Training, Explaining & Maintaining

    The Dog Training Industry
    Since the Canine Industry is not regulated or mandated, there are lots of problems, false marketing, and just blatant lies. Sadly, it’s the pets and pet owners that suffer while others profit from it.

    Did you know, anyone can say that they’re a dog trainer and start a website for $8/month, say they’re ‘the number one trainer’, have a cute business name, and some cute pictures of them with a dog?

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Training & Rehabilitation

Training &
Dog Training Service Rehabilitation

This is what I specialize in! Family homes that are having problems, where I can come in and help make the family balanced and relaxed again. Whether it’s small problems, like pulling on a leash and jumping on people, to being totally...

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Dog to Dog Aggression

Dog to Dog Aggression
Fears & Phobias Fears & Phobias

Dog to dog aggression is very stressful for the animal and the owner. It puts the dog in a fearful, aggressive, panic, stressed, nervous state, and is always on guard and worried. Same goes for the owner as well; being stressed out because you...

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Give a Gift Card

Give A 'Life Experience'
Gift Card Gift Card

Have a friend with an out of control dog? Bad behaviour? Or just want to give someone a better relationship with their dog and advanced learning and training? How about a great “life experience” gift instead of a boring present?! Give someone...

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Buying A Dog

Buying A New Puppy
Buying A Puppy Or Adult Dog

This is a fantastic service that saves so much time and money! Not to mention the frustration and sadness that comes with potentially having to get rid of a dog because it doesn’t fit in with the household or owner. Worse yet, the dog doesn’t...

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United Virtual Assistants
United Virtual Assistants

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