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What if I don’t live in the lower mainland, how far do you go?

Answer: If you are just outside the GVRD it’s only an additional $20 travel fee. If further, cost would be added for a flight or gas, hotel and 2 meals/day.

What if I have more than 1 dog?

Answer: It doesn't matter how many dogs you have. At least we can start, evaluate, assess, and create programs for the dogs and start on some problems and obedience, we would just have to have more follow up appointments to finish what needed to be completed. There is no extra charge for additional dogs within the household.

Is there any money that comes off the gift cards like maintenance or user fees?

Answer: No, what you put on stays forever, including no expiration.

What type of dogs do you train?

Answer: We train all dogs, from small to big, to high energy and low energy, good, bad or with severe problems, old and young. All breeds are welcome!

What type of training do you do?

Answer: Training is based on classic conditioning, positive reinforcement, shaping, luring, extinction etc, and includes canine behaviour modification and canine psychology, designed from veterinarians and people with PHD’s in canine behaviour. We do not do anything that harms, scares or intimidates the animal or use any physical devices that also do harm. If you are hurting or scaring the animal you’re not training.

Do I need to buy or have any special equipment for training?

Answer: No, I bring all my own equipment and accessories required for your session. We also sell the right equipment you may need, as a special to your door service as well.

What if the weather is bad?

Answer: Most of the session is done in your home, we only train outside for a little while. So we can train all year.

There are trainers around me for cheaper; why not use them?

Answer: Where ever you live there will always be 10 ‘trainers’ that live near you. Since the industry is not regulated, anyone can call themselves a trainer and start up their own business even though they may have never owned a dog or have even gone to school. Since they don’t have the proper skill or knowledge, they just charge the cheapest to get work. This is why Canine United always sees people that have been to training or classes and their dog still has behaviour/training problems. After all the wasted time and money, we get called in. Do it right the first time and call us! You won’t be disappointed!

What if my dog just pees in the house or jumps up?

Answer: I often get calls like this where it’s just one small problem. After talking for a little while, we often find out there are more problems and goals that owners want but thought they could not achieve. The dog and owner can always benefit from proper training, basic obedience, and learning about animal behaviour.

How many sessions do I need?

Answer: We do one session at a time and do not pre-pay or pre-book. at the end of each session we will assess if another session is recommended.


As with all of my services, sessions are in the comfort of your own home, on your terms, and I will never leave you unsure or not understanding what we worked on during training. After our training session(s), if you encounter obstacles with what we trained on, you can always call, email, or Skype with me personally; I am there for you continuously, with no extra charge-as that’s the Canine United way!

Having a good certified dog trainer is like having a good mechanic, it’s a relationship for life that you can depend on, and use, as I always want your business later if you need it or just want to upgrade your dog relationship and skills.

All services come with paperwork, hand-outs, brochures etc that you get to keep. This is a life experience that you can benefit from for the rest of your life with your dog(s) now, and dogs in the future.

We always promote you to help others and their canines with what you learn, making the world a better place for all dogs because now you are a part of Canine United!