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Common Problems, Manners & Rehabilitation

This is what we specialize in! Family homes that are having problems, where we can come in and help make the family balanced and relaxed again. We train all dogs and all behavioural issues, whether its a brand new puppy or senior dog. Whether it’s small problems, like pulling on a leash, jumping on people or basic comands. Or larger issues such as; being totally uncontrollable, or having major fears and phobias like dog to dog aggression, dog to human aggression. Or maybe you have a pretty good dog already and just want to learn more and understand your dog better with advanced learning and training skills, where you can teach your dog on your own-to do almost anything!


All of our training, consulting, and rehabilitation are done in the same type of program. The first session is an assessment, consultation and training session. This gives you a good working platform on why your dog is having these issues, how they see the world and learn and how we correct their behaviours. We do this because some problems are often misdiagnosed. Some issues are related to other issues, where the root of the problem is not addressed; therefore not fixing the issue and having it re-occur. There can be so many different variations of why the dog is having problems. Instead, you don’t have to keep going back, paying for additional training and wasting more time (which some unscrupulous trainers love $$$).

This is also why we don't do puppy or obedience classes. Don't get us wrong, these are good classes, especially for puppy socialization, as long as you have lots of certified trainers there to help, and it’s a proper run class.

Here is the problem we have with classes… We all have seen people take these classes and their dog still doesn’t listen, obey and has behaviour problems. Also, you are tied down on a contract for 6 weeks to attend, while life gets busy and you end up missing some classes. With classes, you are not properly coached or helped in troubleshooting because the trainer is helping someone else.

Example: 1 trainer and 8 people in a 60 minute class = 60 minutes divided by 8 people = 7.5 minutes a person per class, multiplied by 5 classes (as 1 class is usually done without your dog) = 37.5 minutes each person total. Even if you add another certified trainer (double the minutes), it’s still only 75 minutes.

Common classes cover basic obedience and training but do not focus directly on behaviour problems. People can end up trying to take the same type of class again later (maybe with a different company), resulting in another loss of time and money because they were not properly coached, trained, or explained things in the first place. Again, this is why we do it the Canine United way!

With Canine United we work to address all the problems, behaviour problems, and training and training problems that you are having, and teach commands and obedience, how dogs learn, behaviour, psychology, body signals and how and what the dog is trying to communicate and tell you. This gives you the ability to be the best pet owner and now have a life experience that you can use if you get another dog! Plus you won’t have to pay and go to training again, and can help your friends and dogs to make the world better for dogs and owners.