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I am a husband, father and full-time certified Dog Trainer that attended the International Academy Of Canine Trainers locally in Delta B.C, and graduated with an almost perfect grade of 98.6% overall. Everything was in a classroom setting, local animal shelters, as well as in-home and on-site personal client environments, and included monitoring and assisting with Puppy Classes, Obedience Classes (levels 1, 2 and 3), Dog Agility, and Doggy Daycare. Absolutely nothing was online, and the International Academy of Canine Trainers is a fully registered institution with the BC Ministry of Advanced Education.

I have training in:

  • Why Canine United?History of Dog Training
  • Why Canine United?Evolution of Dog Training
  • Why Canine United?Dog Breed, & Dog Breed Groups
  • Why Canine United?Classical Conditioning
  • Why Canine United?Operant Conditioning
  • Why Canine United?Luring
  • Why Canine United?Extinction
  • Why Canine United?Shaping
  • Why Canine United?Reinforcement Schedules & Timing
  • Why Canine United?Assessing Dog Personalities
  • Why Canine United?Proofing
  • Why Canine United?Proper Training Equipment
  • Why Canine United?Behavioural Assessments
  • Why Canine United?Training Evaluations
  • Why Canine United?Vaccinations, spaying & neutering
  • Why Canine United?Psychology protocols for Dog Behaviours
  • Why Canine United?Understanding Leadership & Pack Organization
  • Why Canine United?Preventing & Correcting Behavioural Problems
  • Why Canine United?Clicker Training
  • Why Canine United?Habituation
  • Why Canine United?Desensitization
  • Why Canine United?Flooding
  • Why Canine United?Counter Conditioning
  • Why Canine United?Socialization
  • Why Canine United?Canine Communication
  • Why Canine United?Dog Body Language Signals
  • Why Canine United?Canine Safe Handling Techniques
  • Why Canine United?Diet and relation to behaviour
  • Why Canine United?Development Stages & Socialization
  • Why Canine United?Reactive Dogs & Dog to Dog Aggression
  • Why Canine United?Command Training & Troubleshooting
  • Why Canine United?Creating Training Plans for all dog personalities
  • Why Canine United?Psychology of Canines

Obviously, this is not a complete list as I cannot list everything I have studied while in school, but I believe it is important that we trained hands on, and with all types of dogs. From private owners, shelter dogs, dogs with dog to dog aggression and other types of fears and phobias, puppy classes, obedience classes and agility classes.


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