Buying A Puppy

Buying A Puppy

or Adult Dog

Buying A Puppy
Training & Rehabilitation Or Adult Dog

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This is a fantastic service that saves so much time and money! Not to mention the frustration and sadness that comes with potentially having to rehome a dog because it doesn’t fit in with the household or owner. Worse yet, the dog doesn’t get re-adopted and a chance it could be put down. Or buying a dog that may have to be put down because of bad breeding (inbreeding) or contaminated genetic lines (major health issues passed down through generations) after spending lots of money trying to fix these problems.

Unfortunately, we see the tail end of this because most people don’t do (or know about) this option before getting a dog, resulting in having to pay more for training, behaviour problems and vet bills.

Getting a dog is like getting another family member; they are going to be with us all the time, and for a very long time. Households change as well, they can go from single, to married, to children etc. So let’s find the perfect fit for the owner, household, and for the future as well-before we spend lots of money, time, frustration and sadness.

With this service you will receive:

  • Phone CallBrief phone call to discuss your wishes & expectations of a new puppy/dog etc
  • ConsultationComplete in-your-home (or your choice of setting/venue) consultation visit


And go over topics such as, but not limited to:

  • Select Proper BreederHow to select a proper breeder.
  • Bad BreedersHow to spot and stay away from bad breeders and puppy mills.
  • Bad GeneticsHow to stay away from bad genetic lines.
  • SelectionHow to pick a breed and size for your lifestyle and home.
  • Dog BehaviorHow to understand dog behaviour, psychology and body language in order to determine what type of personality the dog has before you buy.
  • Rescue CentreHow to pick a dog from a shelter or rescue centre.
  • Warning SignsWarning signs to stay away from.
And lots more, so you will know everything and be prepared!

Having a good certified dog trainer is like having a good mechanic, it's a relationship for life that you can depend on, and use, as we always want your business later if you need it or just want to upgrade your dog relationship and skills.

All services come with paperwork, hand-outs, brochures etc that you get to keep. This is a life experience that you can benefit from for the rest of your life with your dog(s) now, and dogs in the future.

We always promote you to help others and their canines with what you learn, making the world a better place for all dogs because now you are a part of Canine United!


1st Meeting, Consultation & Training Session

$170.00/Typically 1.5 hours

Continued/Additional Sessions

$120.00/Typically 1.5 hours

Buying a Puppy or New Adult Dog

$120.00/Typically 1.5 hours

All taxes included! / No hidden fees!
Travel expenses included (within the Lower Mainland).
Payment options: Interac/Debit, Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, American Express & E-transfer.
*(of note: there is never a need to tidy, clean, or move anything in your house before our training sessions; it is actually best in the most natural environment your dog lives with every day).


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